Binaural Beats
Unlocks the power of your mind
Welcome to the perfect Binaural Beats experience! Binaural beats affect our brainwaves directly and can alter moods, behavior, even consciousness. Sound crazy? We thought so too. But guess what? We tried it and it works! You can now choose the state you want easily.

What should I do to try this out?

1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable place.
2. Wear your headphones.
3. Choose your desired state from the following list.
4. Close your eyes and enjoy the ride.

What are Binaural beats?

Playing tones with a slightly different frequency in each ear causes the brain to recalculate the frequency and to create a new frequency inside the brain, a frequency that doesn't actually exist outside of the brain. Binaural beats were first discovered over a hundred years ago. However, mainstream science took little interest in it until recently.

What is so special about Binaural beats?

In the 70's researchers discovered an amazing phenomenon. When playing binaural beats, the brainwaves synchronize according to the frequency differences and move toward the new frequency. For instance, if we play a 230 Hz tone in the left ear and a 240 Hz tone in the right, the difference is 10 Hz. Thus our brainwaves will move toward the 10 Hz frequency. Brainwaves are categorized in five frequency types: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Each type has different characteristics of mood, state of mind, behavior, and consciousness. By playing binaural beats, we can actually change our brainwaves to any state we desire. For instance, we can change an anxious person’s brainwaves from the beta state to the alpha state, which is a relaxed state of mind.

After how many times will I feel a change?

Our tracks influence brainwave patterns in the short term as well as in the long term. Listening to a track influences your brainwaves immediately, so you will feel a change after the very first time. In the long run, the goal of our tracks is to help your brain gain back control of its own brainwaves. Over time, you will notice you reach your desired feeling and behavior faster and faster. That is because your brain learns how to reach these brainwave patterns all by itself. Gradually you will need our tracks less and less, reaching a point where you won't need them at all. The exact period of time this process requires varies from one person to another but generally it takes from several weeks up to several months. We see our tracks as training wheels for your brain. When you begin to use them, you will need them on a regular basis. But as time goes by, your brain will learn to achieve the desired brainwave pattern all by itself.

What does a pure binaural beats sound like?

Click here to listen to a pure 10 Hz binaural beats (Alpha type).

Now what?

Now go ahead, choose a track from the following list and try it by yourself (just don't forget your headphones)...

Binaural Beats

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Deep Sleep
Helps with treatment for Insomnia and other sleeping related disorders
Lucid dreams
Helps to achieve lucid dreaming and intensifies dreams.
Astral Projection
Helps to achieve Astral Projection state.
Out Of Body
Helps to achieve an out of body experience
Relaxes you at the end of a busy day
Meditation 2
Helps you achieve meditative states
Helps you achieve meditative states
Schumann Resonance
Helps to reach deep meditative states
Helps with treatment for depression
Quit Smoking
Helps you to stop smoking
Energy Drink
Boosts your energy
Focus 2
Enhanced focus abilities.
Helps you to focus.
Weight Loss
Helps you to lose weight.
Pain Killers
Immediate relief with any kind of pain. Helpfull with chronic pain as well.
Anti Anxiety
Helps with treatment for Anxiety
Stop Alcohol Abuse
Helps with treatment for alcoholism
Inspiration and Creativity
Stimulates inspiration and creativity.
Helps with art & creative activities.
Super Brain
Helps with problem-solving tasks
Helps with treatment for ADD/ADHD
Coffee Break
Wakes you up and sharpens your alertness.
Helps with headaches and general pains

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Anti Anxiety
"I have suffered from anxiety for years.I took medications, I gained 50lbs. I had no quality of life. I haven't slept well since I was 18. I am now 36. I have been using Binaural Beats. I lost 60lbs, I sleep every night all the way through, I have little to no anxiety. I had crippling anxiety..I worried about everything all the time!I feel like a person again. I am a better wife and a better mother. If it's all in my head, so be it." ~ Rhonda ~
"Wow, how is this possible? I'm just listening to antidepressant sound and it's... just good, I mean I was really depressed few days and this sound just took my depression away. I tweaked up my equalizer a little bit, just because of my low volume settings and it helped me to get better effect and now I feel very good I feel like I could fly, even though I haven't wings :-) Thank you." ~ M. ~
Pain Killers
"I have arthritis and need a hip replacement but I'm too young and too stubborn to have surgery. I won't use narcotic pain killers. I stumbled on this site and thought i would give it a try! I just listened to the pain relief track. I am still having pain but at a lesser degree than I was 15 minutes ago and I feel completely relaxed but clear headed...I really enjoyed this experience, I'll be back!" ~ Hannah ~
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